I am a walking MOMBIE!

Definition of a (Mom)bie – a sleep deprived mom, who is over caffeinated and still gets the job done. Oh & she bites if you mess with her spawn.

This is the introduction. Where you meet the walking Mombie personally. I am a normal 23-year-old mom who works as a medical assistant by day, a CNA part time and of course as a Mother and Wife full time. In the middle of all of that, I find a couple of minutes in the bathroom with the doors lock to blog.

How did the Mombie Club start? My husband and I had a beautiful baby boy back in July 2017 and we named him Giovanni Alberto Ramos. He is truly everything that is light in my life. There are days that are harder than others and days where its just tough to get up in the morning but being a mom ROCKS. Having the opportunity to wake up knowing that I have my boys is what pushes me through each and every day. It is not easy being a mother if it was fathers would do it. I am proud of being many things in life, but being a mother definitely takes the number one spot on my list. Mothers are mombies with superhero capes.

Even though there are a million moms all around the world I would find myself to feel alone when times became overwhelming. Here at The Mombie Club, I want Moms from all over the world to find something that they can be a part of. A place where you can be connected to other moms & realize that you are not alone. Being a mother is magical, it is about learning the strength that you never knew you had. It is about changing your life in every aspect possible for the better.

Here you will find other Moms who can relate to all of the difficult duties of being a Mom. Here there is no such thing as being a Bad Mom.

I have had plenty of jobs, but being a MOM is definitely the most difficult. Your emotions are all over the place, your boobs hurt so bad, your back and body aches, you get absolutely no sleep, you are exhausted 24/7 and you probably have anxiety shooting through all holes of your body. But that is ok, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Here coffee is your best friend and no-one can tell you a damn thing about it. Welcome to The Mombie Club!