How to Handle Advice from Other Moms!

Becoming a new mom is super exciting but it also can be SUPER overwhelming. When I was pregnant I remember buying all the books known to man in regards to “how to be a mom”.  I was terrified that I would have no idea what to do when my son was born. I was creating this thing that has no manual, no instructions and no picture book to tell me how the heck to do this mother thing. Then he was born and everything comes to you naturally. You would think I had a million kids prior to. However, it did not come easy that is for sure. So it can be super frustrating when you are trying to figure out your life as a mom and other moms are telling you how you “should” do it.

Let me be frank, I appreciate advice and also giving advice but only when it is asked of me. I personally would never go up to someone who didn’t ask me for it directly. Yet for some reason, from the very moment that you are pregnant it seems like everyone wants to test your parenting skills.

So I wanted to put a list on the different types of people (MOMS) you are going to come across and how to handle them. Warning: You may find that you identify as one of these moms and that is OK ! I am a victim of one of these kinds of moms myself. Which mom I am…. well….That’s for me to know and for you to find out! This post is more on what to expect from these type of moms.

The “Experienced” Mom

This is a mother who has more than one child and feels that they have earned the title to an experienced mom. Being experienced is great, it is awesome actually. However, EVERY mom is different and how we choose to handle similar situations can be very different. For example, some mothers don’t believe in spanking their child. While others mothers feel that this teaches discipline. Do what you feel is best for you and your child.

The Mother in law from hell

Usually this type of mother in law comes from a husband who is a mamma’s boy. This one is my favorite. Mother in laws can be great and sometimes they can be a pain in your ass. Everything they say or do must be the perfect thing to do for their grandson, EVEN when it’s not. This can be super annoying because as a mother you expect the grandmother to ask you for permission to do certain things with your child. Be prepared for them to feel entitled because they are the “grandparent”. The only thing that you can do that can help this situation is to have a conversation with this mom or you can ignore all of her calls. lol

Organic Mom

This is the mom that feels that you should feed your child a certain way. I AM GUILTY of being the organic mom but I would never shove what I do down any other mothers throat. I love to feed my child natural fruits and foods but this is not the case for every parent. Not because they do not want to but because it truly can be time consuming and super hard to keep up with. Doing this can sometimes be overwhelming. Which is totally understanding but can be super frustrating when another mom is trying to tell you what you SHOULD be feeding your child. Listen if you are feeding your child and they are clothed you are doing an awesome job!

The “I am never wrong” Mom

Don’t listen to this type of mom. You will find that in time this type of mom is always wrong. The decisions that you make for your child is up to you. The opinion from another mother should not matter because they did not hold that child for 9 months in their belly. So the I AM NEVER WRONG MOM can kiss your ass 🙂 

In general none of these types of moms are looking to hurt you. None of them are looking to do anything to harm you in any way shape or form. That is not their intention, but yes this can be very annoying. I can’t tell you the many feuds I have had with several of these types of moms. It is bound to happen. The best thing that you can do as a mother is to listen and let them know that you appreciated the advice. Never give them the impression that you are going to take the advice because they will only keep coming back with advice to give you. 

When worst comes to worst tell them to back the bleep off!

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